• See how sustainable your home can be with Royal Building Products.

    Whether it's siding and trim, mouldings, or decking, you can feel comfortable that you are choosing leading-edge products that are environmentally responsible. All of Royal's products are designed to ensure lasting beauty, durability and low maintenance. Reduce your environmental impact with Royal.

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    1. Vinyl Siding

    VinylSiding Royal Vinyl Siding requires minimal maintenance. With no painting or staining, fewer harmful solvents are released into the environment. Additionally, insulated vinyl siding contributes to significant savings in energy consumption, energy costs and CO2 emissions.

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    2. Window Profiles

    Sustainable Living Update Royal Vinyl Window Profiles help deliver superior energy efficiency, so you can reduce your home’s environmental footprint.

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    3. Decking

    Decking Royal Decking Products are minimal maintenance and kind to the environment. With no staining required, you save time and reduce the use of harsh chemicals.

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    4. Patio Doors

    PatioDoors Royal Patio Doors offer great energy performance. They help reduce drafts and radiant heat loss to save on home heating/cooling costs. All Royal Patio Doors are Energy Star qualified.

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    5. Garage Door Trim Systems

    GarageDoor The garage is an area highly susceptible to rot and energy loss. Unlike wood, Royal PVC Garage Door Trim Systems feature a never-rot lifetime warranty of lasting performance against the elements and energy leakage. 

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    6. Exterior Trim

    ExteriorTrim Royal Exterior Trim and Royal Window and Door Surrounds are virtually maintenance-free. With no painting or staining, fewer harmful solvents are released into the environment.

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    7. Decorative Moulding

    DecorativeMoulding Royal Decorative Moulding adds a lifetime of curb appeal, and a lifetime of low maintenance—for a very limited impact on the environment.

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    8. Gas Heating

    GasHeating Royal Pipe Systems for gas venting won’t rust or corrode and are engineered to last a lifetime.

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    9. Sewer

    Sewer Royal PVC Pipe is a proven and extremely durable alternative to corrosion-prone iron pipe.  Its smooth inner walls reduce friction and require less energy to pump water. 

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