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  • Glossary of Acronyms and Industry Terms

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    ABS – Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
    ABS is the Outside Diameter (OD) of DWV Schedule 40. It is a plastic with high strength properties.

    Acme Threads
    The type of thread cut used on Royal Building Products’ molded BWV.  Also called blunt thread.

    ADS Corrugated – Advanced Drainage Systems
    ADS Corrugated is the Outside Diameter (OD) of Profile pipe. Used for septic fields.

    ADS Smooth – Advanced Drainage Systems
    ADS Smooth is the Outside Diameter (OD) of Sewer SDR 35.

    A fitting that adapts from one system type to another, connecting different ODs (outside diameters) together. For example, SDR 35 Gasketed to DWV SCH40 or SDR 35 Gasketed to SDR 35 Solvent Weld. It can be HxH, GxG, GxH, GxS, SxG, or SxH.

    ASA – American Supply Association
    Association focusing primarily on plumbing (similar to AWWA).

    ASPE – The American Society of Plumbing Engineers
    ASPE is the international organization for professionals skilled in the design, specification and inspection of plumbing systems. ASPE is dedicated to the advancement of the science of plumbing engineering, to the professional growth and advancement of its members and the health, welfare and safety of the public.
    The Society disseminates technical data and information, sponsors activities that facilitate interaction with fellow professionals, and, through research and education, expands the base of knowledge of the plumbing engineering industry. ASPE members are leaders in innovative plumbing design, effective materials and energy use, and the application of advanced techniques throughout the world. (from aspe.org)  Royal Building Products is a member of ASPE.

    ASTM – American Society for Testing and Materials
    American Consensus body that established standards for building products (all construction materials), including plumbing products. Made up of product producers, product end users and general interest people, such as engineers and specifiers. This body of people establishes, revises and maintains product standards to which Royal Building Products products are made.  Royal Building Products is part of this body.  ASTM does not certify products to meet its standards.  We have certifications (CSA, NSF and UPC) for fittings produced to ASTM Standard D3034 and D2665 and typically the certifications should be displayed on every molded fitting.  Occasionally, the certifications are included on adhesive labels when there is not enough space for engraving.

    AWWA – American Water Works Association
    Consists of people associated with water supply (waterworks), including all types of materials. This body writes product standards, such as C900/C905/C907.

    BOCA – Building Officials and Code Administrators
    Consensus based association that is similar to IAPMO. They are the plumbing and building code writing group. They write the codes then cities and states adopt them.

    One end is spigot and the other end is hub or gasket. The spigot end is the larger size and the hub or gasket is the smaller size. Bushings always reduce in size. There are concentric and eccentric bushings.

    Royal Building Products purchases stainless steel clamps for use with saddle tees and wyes.

    Anything used to make a fitting including raw material, labels, gaskets, locking rings, clamps, etc.

    Both ends are hub or gasket. In addition, both ends are the same system type. Coupling can maintain size on both ends or reduce in size. There are standard couplings (with a pipe stop), repair couplings (without a pipe stop), and increaser (or reducer) couplings. There are also eccentric couplings.

    CPVC – Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride
    A heat-resistant and low-combustibility plastic that is typically used in water supply.

    CSA – Canadian Standards Association
    CSA is the Canadian equivalent of ASTM. Royal Pipe is part of this body for plumbing products. Both Royal Pipe and Royal Building Products have representation on the electrical products body.  Products marketed to meet CSA must be certified as such by CSA.  Many of Royal Building Products’ products are CSA certified.  CSA sets standards and certifies that products meet those standards.

    Downspout Adapters
    There are no existing specifications or standards on dimensions for downspouts. Downspout manufacturers make them to differing sizes – one manufacturer’s 3x4 downspout is not the same size as another’s 3x4 downspout.   Royal Building Products designed their downspout adapter to accommodate the majority of sizes. Corrugated Downspout – will fit into spigot (not flush).

    DR 21
    See SDR 21.

    DR 26
    Pressure line used for irrigation. Available in sizes 10” through 24” and in white PVC. Meets ASTM D2241 and CSA B137.3. Specify DR 26 IPS Gasketed or Solvent Weld Pressure Series 160. This is not the same thing as SDR 26 sewer because it has a different OD (Outside Diameter).

    Drain Grate
    Goes inside a HUB.

    DWV – Drain, Waste, and Vent
    Non-pressure pipe and fittings used inside the house or building that convey waste water from fixtures (sinks, showers, toilets, etc.) to the outside sanitary sewer or septic line.

    HDPE – High Density Poly-Ethylene
    HDPE OD (Outside Diameter) = DWV OD

    HR – Hot Runner
    Premium grade of PVC which flows easier and smoother into a mold. It also increases the range from the melting point to the burning point while in the molding process.

    IAPMO – International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials
    Regional (West Coast) plumbers’ union based association that writes and administers the Uniform Plumbing Code. Some areas of the country, such as California, require that plumbing products have IAPMO certification in order to be used there. Most Royal Building Products’ products are IAPMO certified.

    Installation Guidelines
    Please reference Uni-Bell’s Handbook of PVC Pipe or visit www.uni-bell.org.

    IPS – Iron Pipe Size
    IPS OD (Outside Diameter) = OD of DWV Schedule 40

    IPS Thread
    The type of thread cut used on Royal Building Products’ threaded plugs.  Also called NPT.  These threads will not fit acme thread.

    ISO – International Organization for Standardization
    This association certifies a company’s ability to consistently manufacture quality products to ISO standards (ISO 9000, 9001, etc.)

    The Mechanical Contractors Association of America, Inc. (MCAA) is a vibrant, growing association of approximately 2,300 mechanical, plumbing, and service contractors. Members enjoy MCAA’s outstanding education programs, an expanding catalog of resources to help them manage and grow their businesses, periodicals and a website to keep them informed and connected, and business services to save them money.
    More info: mcaa.org  

    MPPA – Michigan Plastic Processors Association

    Nitrile Gaskets
    Nitrile gaskets are only used when specified by an engineer. They are commonly used in applications where soil conditions are poor and the ground is saturated with petroleum based products. In this type of environment there is a possibility that contaminated soil could leach down into the sewer systems and eat away at the gaskets. Examples of such environments might be an airport, dump, refinery or landfill. Nitrile gaskets are resistant to solvents, oils and greases and are suitable for this type of application. The Nitrile gaskets are made by the same manufacturer that makes Royal Building Products’ standard SDR 35 gaskets.  They have the same internal retainer.  Royal Building Products can supply any of their STI™ fittings with these special gaskets.

    NSF – National Sanitation Foundation
    Nationally recognized testing laboratory that certifies plumbing products to meet the standard to which they were created. Many of Royal Building Products’ products are NSF certified.

    NUCA – National Utility Contractors Association
    NUCA is the largest trade association working solely for the underground utility construction industry. NUCA represents contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers involved in water, sewer, gas, electric, telecommunications, site work, and other segments of the industry across the country.

    Royal Building Products does not manufacture or stock pipe but Royal Pipe Systems in Woodbridge does.
    Hub – typically refers to a solvent weld joint that will fit over pipe or the spigot of another fitting. Can be sewer or schedule 40 DWV. Can be a pipe end or a fitting end.
    Bell – typically refers to a gasketed joint that will fit over pipe or the spigot of another fitting. Can be sewer SDR35, sewer SDR26, Profile, or C900. Can be a pipe end or a fitting end.

    PPFA – Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association
    Trade association consisting of all types of plastic pipe and/or fittings’ manufacturers. Created to promote the use of plastic in lieu of traditional materials such as concrete, cast iron, clay, etc.  Royal Building Products is a member of this association.

    PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride
    The base plastic out of which Royal Building Products products are manufactured.  This includes both pipe fittings and electrical fittings.

    SBR - Styrene-butadiene rubber.
    The most widely used elastomer for pipe and fitting gaskets worldwide.

    SDR or DR – Standard Dimension Ratio or Dimension Ratio
    A sewer pipe term that is used to determine the minimum wall thickness of pipe and fittings. SDR = Average Outside Diameter divided by the Minimum Wall Thickness. SDR = OD ÷ T. For example, Royal Building Products’ H306 is a 6” SDR 26 fitting.  The minimum wall thickness of that fitting is 6.275 (sewer pipe dia.)/26 = .241 minimum wall.  ASTM D3034 (the sewer pipe standard) lists SDRs 41, 35, 26 and 23.5.  SDRs 35 and 26 are the predominant SDRs. The lower the SDR, the thicker the wall and thus the stronger the fitting.  Royal Building Products is the only manufacture to offer a fitting with a wall thickness of SDR 14 through the body.

    SDR 21
    IPS Gasketed and Solvent Weld Series 200 Pressure fittings. Available in sizes 10” through 24” and in white PVC. Meets ASTM D2241 and CSA B137.3.

    SDR 26
    See Gasketed Heavy Wall Sewer SDR 26.

    Street 90
    A Spigot by Hub or Spigot by Gasket 90 degree bend.

    TPE – Thermal Plastic Elastomer.
    Also called santoprene. It’s a rubber replacement.

    UL – Underwriter’s Laboratories
    UL is a nationally recognized testing laboratory that certifies consumer products for standard compliance and safety.  Royal Building Products’ electrical parts are UL certified.

    ULC – Underwriter’s Laboratories Canada
    Canadian branch of Underwriter’s Laboratories.  Royal Building Products’ electrical products for use in Canada are certified by ULC.

    Uni-bell PVC Pipe Association
    An association that consists of PVC pipe and fittings’ manufacturers. Created to promote and provide technical support in the use of PVC pipe and fittings. They write installation guidelines and are therefore used as a reference on product failures supporting improper installation.  Royal Building Products is a member of this association.

    UPC – Uniform Plumbing Code
    The handbook for plumbing installation used by IAPMO.

    UPC – Uniform Product Code
    The governing body for bar code implementation. No relation to the Uniform Plumbing Code organization.

    Vent Tee
    Is another name for a straight tee.

    VCP – Verified Clay Pipe

    Warnock Hersey
    Canadian lab that is universally recognized in Canada. They certify products to CSA standards. This certification is an alternative to certification by CSA.  Royal Building Products has CSA certification, not Warnock Hersey, at this time.

    WASDA – The Water and Sewer Distributors of America
    WASDA is comprised of over 100 distributors and manufacturers of waterworks and wastewater products. Formed in 1979, WASDA's promotes the waterworks/wastewater products distribution industry, while improving the image and professionalism of WASDA and its member companies.  Royal Building Products is a member of WASDA.

    WEF – Water Environmental Federation
    WEF is similar to AWWA. Consists of people associated with water waste including all types of materials.