Backwater & Terminal Backwater Valves

Two types of valves, in-line and terminal, ensure one-way flow in storm and sanitary sewer lines where backflow could be a problem. Each valve is equipped with a free-hinged flapper that allows unrestricted flow. Valves come with an access lid that can be easily removed for inspection and cleaning. Both the flapper and access lid have leak-free neoprene gaskets. Standard: CSA/CAN3 B0-M86.
Backwater Valves
Backwater Valves
Backwater Valves
Terminal Backwater Valves
  • Why Royal Municipal Solutions?
    In-line and/or terminal valves protect against blockage, groundwater infiltration, higher-than-expected flow.
  • How It Works
    Flow direction indicated by arrow on valve assists in proper installation.
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