CIOD PVC Pressure Pipe & Fittings

Used in potable water systems, this easy-to-install, corrosion-proof PVC pressure pipe with smooth interior walls helps eliminate the risk of clean water being contaminated during transmission to the end user. Among its applications are municipal water mains, industrial process lines, irrigation piping and sewer force mains. Standards: Certified to CSA B137.3; AWWA C900/C905; BNQ 3624-250; NSF-61; FM and ULC approved.
CIOD PVC Pressure Pipe
C900 & C905 PVC Pressure Pipe
CIOD Injected Moulded Fittings
Profile Fabricated Fittings
CIOD gaskets
  • Why Royal Municipal Solutions?
    Corrosion-proof PVC pipe eliminates risk of clean water contamination and increases service life of system.
  • How to Install
    Easily field-cut and beveled and requires minimal manpower for cost-efficient in-trench joint assembly.
  • Case Study
    The Toronto Port Authority is building a pedestrian tunnel between the terminal and the airport gates.