Kor-Flo® PVC Profile Pipe & Fittings

This cost-effective, easy-to-install heat-fused dual wall PVC pipe features a corrugated exterior wall that provides greater stiffness and limit deflection. The interior wall is smooth, ensuring superior flow characteristics. Lighter than solid wall SDR 35 gasketed sewer pipe, it has the same strength and flow properties. Its many applications include storm and sanitary sewers, gravity industrial lines, and highway and road drainage. Standards: Certified to CSA B182.4; ASTM F794; OPS 1841; OPSD 806.040; BNQ 3624-135.
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  • Why Kor-Flo?
    Easy to install dual-wall corrugated pipe has same strength/flow properties as heavier solid-wall sewer pipe.
  • How To Install
    Easily cut in field and no heavy equipment needed for in-trench assembly, which substantially reduces costs.
  • Case Study
    The Port Mann Bridge was originally built in the 1960s when the population of Metro Vancouver was 800,000.