Gas Venting Pipe & Fittings

Our GVS-65 and GVS-90 certified flue gas venting systems are made with two distinct materials and have two different temperature ratings (up to and including 65ºC and 90ºC). Both come complete with pipe, fittings, primer and solvent cements. They are approved as Type BH Class II venting systems for gas fired appliances. Standard: Certified ULC S636.
Gas Venting Pipe-GVS-65
Profile GasVent GVS90 Pipe
GVS-65 Fittings
GVS-65 Fittings
GVS 90 Fittings
GVS 90 Fittings
PVC & CPVC Solvent Cements & Primer
  • Why Royal Plumbing Solutions?
    GVS-65 and GVS-90 systems offer the high quality and reliability you expect from Royal Building Products.
  • How to Install
    Prior to installation, please review and follow our installation manual for proper instructions.
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