Consider Your Style

  • Trim And Moulding: What Personally Fits

    Believe it: The trim and moulding you add to your Ranch, Victorian, Cape Cod or [your home style here] are an expression of many things, starting with you. So as “minor” a decision as trim and moulding might seem, they mirror your taste in everything from clothes to plants to automobiles. In fact, they are a shamelessly scene-stealing part of the grander scheme of your home and personal preferences. Just like siding and decking, the trim and moulding you choose reflect whether you’re reserved, a showboat or somewhere in between.

    No doubt: How trim and moulding fit you and your home is also, visually and functionally, an architectural thing. How much sense does it make when you look at it? How nicely does it slope to allow water to run off instead of accumulate? How long does that grin stay on your face?