D-Series Solvent Weld DWV Fittings & Dual-marked Pipe

The D Series is a complete line of DWV fittings designed for use with DWV/Sch 40 Dual-marked pipe in non-pressure Drain, Waste and Vent applications.

Royal's DWV/Sch 40 Dual-marked pipe is a lower-cost, tough, impact resistant alternative to conventional iron piping. Certified to NSF-14, CSA B137.3 and ASTM D1785 for pressure usage and ASTM D2665 for non-pressure applications. Check for availability in your area.
D-Series DWV Fittings
  • Why Royal Plumbing Solutions?

    Royal Plumbing Solutions offers the most accurate fittings in the industry, providing an easy fit to the pipe.






  • Triple Certified
    Royal Plumbing Solutions Injection molded fittings have Triple Certification listings.
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