Color Combination


    With Our Color Selector Tool

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  • Peas and carrots. PB & J.
    Some things just go great together.

    Why stop at one color? Pair up your main color choice with accent colors to make the outside of your home as interesting as the inside.

    This is your chance to really explore and experiment. Remember, there's a lot more to your house than the front. Dormers, insets, corners and cornices: They all need love!

    Color is connected to siding. A lot. Thing is, are the color choices and siding shouting at each other? Boring each other to tears? Quietly living in peaceful harmony? Find out on our Color Education page.

    Really good siding gives you lots of color choices. Our Royal Color Selector makes sense of them. You'll lose track of time matching primary and accent colors with different siding styles and building color palettes.