Getting Started

  • Picture Your Home With New Siding.

    Imagining the siding from that movie about the men selling tin? Well stop that, because this is not your father’s (or mother’s or uncle’s) home exterior.

    Siding insulates from weather and protects from baseballs. But you knew that. Yet with more and more choices in styles, textures, types and colors, siding can do more than cover your investment. It can be as much a part of your home’s architecture, mood and mojo as front porches and gables. It can showcase complementary materials and transform homes that were once invisible into the new kids on the block.

    Think about the style of your home—be it Ranch, Cape Cod, Cottage or Victorian—and how you want to feel the next time you drive up to it. Or how you felt the first time you fell for it. You can accomplish great things with siding. Start learning how right now.

    So What Kind of Siding Do You Want?

    This section will start you thinking about the strong suits of different siding types. It will also show you how siding styles and home styles coordinate to match your own style and create the look that’s inside your head.