The Impact on Your Lifestyle

  • Siding Maintenance: Nope.

    Whether you choose our traditional, insulated or shake & shingles siding, you get all kinds of paths to a stylin’ home. What you don’t get is wood to repaint or scrape, mold and pests to get to know as neighbors or repair bills with every badly thrown baseball. Unscientific family experiences have shown that the less time you spend with your siding, the more time you spend enjoying your weekends. Of course, there are benefits to siding other than virtually eliminating maintenance issues.

    To learn more about those, please visit our Curbside Appeal, Environmental Impact and Financial Impact pages.

    Home design inspiration comes from the line of a vase, how the dusky sun hits your porch and the first impression your home makes from the rear yard, the side street, the curb. There’s more inspiration where that came from on our Design Your Home page.

    Your home is made up of a sometimes-indefinable fusion of lines, spaces, textures and colors. The key is to find the siding most at home with all the elements of your home.

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