The Impact of Siding

  • Getting New Siding Is A Homelife-changing Event.

    The siding you choose won’t influence the rising and setting of the sun, but it will have a say in a few other things. Here are a few of the benefits: The curb appeal benefit: The right siding can dramatically increase the amount of time you (and your neighbors) spend admiring the exterior of your home.

    The have a nice weekend benefit: If you’re wondering whether you can have siding that stops traffic and is low on maintenance, you can stop wondering now. You can. So go play ball or dine out or something.

    Speaking of happiness, did you know you could qualify for cost-cutting incentives just for having insulated siding on your home? Check out the possibilities at:

    The stay cool and keep warm benefit:

    Insulated siding increases your home’s R-value (thermal efficiency), so you use less energy and lower your energy costs. It goes a long way toward alleviating a serious condition called “playing with the thermostat.”