Curbside Appeal

  • Siding Has Real Charisma. Really.

    The admiration (or envy) of your neighbors and random passersby can be gratifying. But beyond the occasional, “Hey, nice siding!” is the feeling you get when pausing from your daily grind long enough to admire the stopping power of your own home. After all, you put a bunch of thought, sweat and money into it. Your family is growing up around it. You deserve to feel good about it.

    What Gives Your Home Curb Appeal?

    Siding style: Each siding style has its own character—whether it’s the deep rustic character of hand-split cedar, the off-the-charts quaintness of clapboard and half-rounds or the historic echo of vertical board & batten.

    Siding color: It’s amazing how varying home siding color can make a front door shine, a back porch pop or window trim shout. Think about the color combinations that make your day inside your home or around the world you travel through.

    Your home is made up of a sometimes-indefinable fusion of lines, spaces, textures and colors. The key is to find the siding most at home with all the elements of your home. Get Schooled.

    Go play in our very inviting Design Your Home section and have all kinds of fun combining colors and virtually remodeling. The best part? If you spill any virtual paint, you won’t get any on your actual home.

    Siding is not all about looks, of course. It’s also about maintenance, environmental impact, and cost.