Environmental Impact

  • Green From Birth To Recycling

    Vinyl siding is literally born efficient, and continues to be so throughout its life cycle—from raw material harvesting to manufacturing, installation and disposal.

    What Else Makes Siding Green:

    • Vinyl siding’s high durability and low level of maintenance rate well among green builders.
    • Insulated siding increases a home’s R-value (resistance to heat), which means you consume less energy and leave a smaller carbon footprint over the life of your siding.
    • You can clean vinyl siding with mild soap and water. That’s it: no painting, staining or caulking and the chemicals that come with them.

    Vinyl siding also makes financial sense, so please read on to learn more.

    You may not be able to control the angle of a sunset, but you can control a number of other things that define curb appeal—from the mixture of siding styles to the interplay of color schemes. Find the appealing facts right here.

    Today’s siding is almost intimidatingly wind, weather and impact resistant. Intimidating to the wind, weather and baseballs. That means you’ll spend your weekends living a life that doesn't include painting, staining or repairing. Learn more about that life.