Aluminum Siding and Accessories (Canada Only)

  • Aluminum Siding and Accessories (Canada Only)

    Every side is the right side. 

    The Royal® AlumiPro siding collection will add durability and must-see-ability to your home, season after season. Put together your home exterior and build up curb appeal big time with a wide range of siding, soffits, trim and accessories.



    Royal® AlumiPro Aluminum Siding (Canada Only)

    Available in 8 colors
    D-4 Traditional
    D-4 Cove
    Cedar Renditions main

    Royal® Cedar Renditions™ (Canada Only)

    Available in 5 colors
    D-4 Traditional
    D-4 Designer

    Royal® AlumiPro Accessories (Canada Only)

    Available in 7 colors
    Outside corner post
    1/2" J-Trim Traditional
    5/8" J-Trim Traditional
    TRIM COIL (Roll 24” x 15m)

    Royal® AlumiPro Coil (Canada Only)

    Available in 35 colors depending on product and profile
    Trim Coil (Roll 24" x 30m)
    Trim Coil (Roll 24" x 15m)
    Trough Coil (.024)
    Trough Coil (.027)
    Trough Coil (.032)

    Royal® AlumiPro Fascia (Canada Only)

    6" Traditional Fascia
    6" Designer Fascia
    7 1/2" Traditional Fascia
    8" Traditional Fascia
    8" Designer Fascia
    10" Deluxe Fascia
    2” x 3” A ELBOW

    Royal® AlumiPro Rainware (Canada Only)

    Available in 21 colors depending on product.
    Small Square Outlet
    2" x 3" Outlet
    2 3/4" Round Outlet
    2 3/8" Round Outlet
    Large Square Outlet
    3" x 4" Oval Outlet
    3" x 4" 5K Outlet
    5" End Cap
    6" End Cap
    5" Box Mitre
    6" Box Mitre
    5" Strip Mitre
    5” BAY STRIP MITRE (45°)
    Small Square Downpipe
    2" x 3" Downpipe
    3" x 3" Large Square Downpipe
    3" x 4" Downpipe
    Small Square Elbow
    3" x 3" Large Square Elbow
    2" x 3" A Elbow
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    Royal® AlumiPro Soffits (Canada Only)

    Available in 3 colors
    3 Panel Traditional
    3 Panel Designer
    4 Panel Classic