Portsmouth™ Double 7'' Cedar Shingles

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    Portsmouth™ Double 7" Cedar Shingles

    So much warmth and beauty, you'll never want to go inside. 

    Blow right past quaint and go straight to stunning. Though technically described as "classic," our high-beauty, low-maintenance Portsmouth™ Cedar Shingles siding ensures "Welcome home" never gets old—whether as a full exterior or a complementary element.Combine this classic shingle style with other materials such as stone and clapboard for a change of design pace and some extra eye candy.


    Seamless design

    No painting, no scraping

    Virtually no maintenance

    Assurance™ Fastening System for secure, precise installation

    Superior impact, fade and warp resistance

    Realistic natural cedar texture

    Sides beautifully with other materials

    Wind resistant greater than 200 mph

    Lifetime Limited Warranty