• Before you reach for the same old colors, get inspired! Our color palettes are influenced by color theory and modern home trends so your exterior is sure to look amazing, no matter which you choose.

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  • Enrich, deepen and differentiate with The 2018 Exterior Color Palette

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    Our 2018 palette reflects a strong desire among homeowners for deep, rich colors that connect to broader design trends and natural elements in our environment. Color it simultaneously bold, cool, warm and earthy.

    Design Tips

    Color is never a standalone element or consideration. While you’re selecting colors, keep in mind how they link and live with everything from the style of your siding and home architecture to the look of your kitchen cabinets and the floral arrangements in your landscaping.

  • Get a lil’ bit cozier withWarm Colors

    A warm color palette is vibrant and stimulating to our emotions. These colors can give your home a little drama and a lot of coziness.

    Design Tips

    Bright warms work well as accent colors, while muted warms can be used as the primary color for your home. This palette is also good for adding life to a front door or other focal points throughout your exterior.

  • Feel pretty chill withCool Colors

    From the sky to the sea, blue hues are always calming. Add a slice of serenity to your home with these colors.

    Design Tips

    Gray-blues work well as a primary color, particularly if your home is surrounded by foliage that changes with the seasons. Brighter cools work well to add life to your home on trim accents and doors.

  • Stay Switzerland withNeutral Colors

    From warm and fuzzy to clean and pure, whites and neutrals are like a blank slate for the imagination.

    Design Tips

    White is classic and it can make a green yard pop. It also mixes and matches with virtually any other color in our palette, so choosing white gives you all the options. Go wild with it!

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