Color Education

  • Nothing Frames Your Siding Like Color.

    Siding colors are scene-stealing hams and modest team players, and they don’t come from siding. They come from life and you feel their power everywhere—in a flower bed, a painting of a flower bed, on a sofa cushion, an accent wall, a well-balanced plate of food, a tiger (run!).

    Color works solo or in unison to frame different types of siding in different ways, and you’ll find a shade to match every preference, feeling and architectural siding. Including yours.

    Siding Styles And Their Color Mates

    Clapboard, Dutchlap And Beaded Warmth

    Traditional vinyl siding looks great in a palette of light and medium-light colors like heather, linen, vintage cream and sand—particularly on comforting Cape Cod home styles.

    Shake & Shingles And The Color Of Charisma

    Shake & Shingles siding captures the depth and the power of the elusive “country” that is in your head. Pretty cool, but what color is that? How about an American Four Square with Redwood in the starring role and midnight surf and sand as supporting players?

    Board & Batten’s Color Charms

    Board & Batten says “Welcome home” even if you don’t live in a barn on a ranch right out of a western. Board & Batten is a beautiful and versatile accent to any home that calls itself Cottage or French Country and lives very peacefully with color combinations from heather and cocoa to pebble clay and shamrock.

    Home design inspiration comes from the line of a vase, how the dusky sun hits your porch and the first impression your home makes from the rear yard, the side street, the curb. There’s more inspiration where that came from on our Design Your Home page.

    We strongly recommend walking/driving around your neighborhood to see how different home siding styles work (and don’t work). Before you fuel up, you also have the convenience of seeing an array of cool and complementary siding styles in our gallery.