Sustainability in Action

  • At Royal Building Products, when we say we work together to build neighborhoods of lasting value—we mean “lasting.”

    Royal Building Products is committed to providing for the needs of today, while maintaining an environmentally responsible view that rewards future generations.

    As a leading manufacturer and distributor of building materials, we recognize our responsibility for environmental action and preservation. Through each facet of our business, we strive to develop sustainable solutions and best practices that minimize our impact on the environment and consumption of natural resources.

    We are working continuously and passionately to uphold our goals for social responsibility and strive to work sustainably, so you can build and live sustainably.

  • Build Sustainably, Live Sustainably

    There are a number of certifications, standards and organizations established to measure the long-term impact of building materials and systems on environment, energy efficiency and consumption of natural resources.

    At Royal Building Products, we believe that any green building rating system must based on sound science and life-cycle analysis that considers all impacts beginning with the production of the material through its disposal or recycling at the end of its useful life. Since this is a still-developing field, we continue to educate ourselves and our customers on how best to build and live in a sustainable fashion.

    Green Building Standards