• From our leadership team to the machine operators on the assembly line, a commitment to energy efficiency is ingrained throughout Royal Building Products. Each year, we look for new ways to become more energy efficient. Many of our facilities have undertaken initiatives to reduce energy consumption.

    The Efficient Choice

    • A prime example of our approach to energy efficiency: our Aluminum Roll Forming facility in Concord, Ontario was upgraded with an enhanced lighting system. 
    • The upgrade, including high bay induction lamp and motion switches, resulted in a 59% reduction in energy use the first year. 
    • This reduced the need for our municipal power provider to invest in new generating facilities or purchase high-cost electricity off the grid during periods of peak demand. 
    • Just as significant, our energy savings are helping our power provider reduce its annual carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 22,000 kg per year. 
    • Not only did the lighting improvements save energy and money, it also created a brighter work environment—having positive safety implications.