• With no rot, rust or corrosion, PVC building products are made to last.

    Over the course of its lifecycle, PVC is more sustainable than many so-called "green" alternatives.

    The Sustainable Choice

    • PVC consumes less energy during manufacturing than many competing products, saving fossil fuels and reducing greenhouse gas emissions
    • PVC requires little or no maintenance, such as painting or treatment with preservatives; its durability means less frequent replacement
    • PVC building products are energy efficient; ENERGY STAR roofing membranes made of PVC reflect sunlight, ENERGY STAR vinyl window frames conserve energy in buildings, and the smooth inner walls of PVC pipe reduces friction and requires less energy to pump water
    • PVC is lighter in weight less than many alternative building materials, requiring less fuel to transport
    • Finally, it is important to note that PVC and vinyl building products are easily recyclable.